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    They’re gonna kill us with this drip drip drip of teasers. Sigh


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    following back tons


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  3. مع الأيام بتعرف إنه بالفعل ما في أي داعي للتبرير. و إن أغلبية الناس تقرر سلفًا تفهمك خطأ عشان تطلع أنت السيئ
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  4. Send me a couple numbers to find out:

    1. Have you ever:
    2. 1. Skipped class?
    3. 2. Done drugs?
    4. 3. Self harmed?
    5. 4. Drank?
    6. 5. Shoplifted?
    7. 6. Gotten a tattoo?
    8. 7. Broken up with someone?
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    25. What's your:
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    27. 23. Sign?
    28. 24. Height?
    29. 25. Sexual orientation?
    30. 26. Shoe size?
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    32. 28. Longest relationship?
    33. Opinion on:
    34. 29. Gay rights?
    35. 30. Second chances?
    36. 31. Long distance relationships?
    37. 32. Abortion?
    38. 33. The death penalty?
    39. 34. Marijuana ?
    40. 35. Love?
    41. Do you:
    42. 36. Believe in ghost?
    43. 37. Shower facing the shower head or turned away from it?
    44. 38. Sleep with the door opened or closed?
    45. 39. Love someone?
    46. 40. Still watch cartoons?
    47. 41. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
    48. 42. Like yourself?

  5. These people are my family.

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  8. raven484:

    I read a post once that said that Carol wouldn’t be good for Daryl because she quietly understands him but doesn’t “push him.” I know a lot of focus on the Caryl dynamic is that they were both abused and I think that it should be. Prolonged physical and emotional abuse effects a person long after the abuse ends (if it ever does) and it plays a huge role in how they interact with other group members.

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    According to Rick’s bio - Hershel shot Carl!

    and people put so much stock in amc bios……


    The line is supposed to imply that after Carl is shot, Rick finds security in Hershel’s farmhouse,…

    Maybe they are running a contest…spot the screw up.


    Ok. Hey something has to explain this asshattery. We have a ship canon because of it. Even though so far said characters have yet to film together….

    With all the money and notoriety TWD brings to AMC you’d think they’d have the decency to have someone who watches the show write up the summaries.  

    Or at the very least could do the research. The description of Michonne’s past with Andre and Mike is full of implications stated as fact (Did Mike get killed in a walker attack? Do we know how Andre died?), and the fact that NONE of the bios mention what ACTUALLY happens to Sophia, or that Michonne kills the Governor’s daughter (thus sparking off most of season 3/4) shows they have no CLUE how to write a synopsis.


  11. Just sayin’


    We all know I’m as stoked as anybody every time there’s a new Mel set sighting, because it means Carol’s still breathing, but could we also pause to think about what else all this means?

    Carol is going to be onscreen so much this season.

    Carol is going to be onscreen so much this season.


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  12. forever-this-way:


    Not to insult the caryl fans but if caryl was about to happen wouldnt it? I mean, its been 2-3 whole seasons till they came closer and one of them could make a move but they didnt! Because they obviously dont feel that way…Bethyl would have happen and by ‘happen’ i specifically mean a kiss, if…

    They wouldn’t of kissed even if Beth didn’t get kidnapped. That’s a fact, Daryl’s character isn’t like that. The reason Daryl wanted to stay at the funeral home is because they were safe there and they had no clue if anyone else was alive. He didn’t want to stay just cause Beth suggested it, they were safe there and protected. She’s family and that was the only family he had because the others were “gone”. I may be wrong (unlikely) but I’m telling you Daryl doesn’t look at Beth that way. You can tell in the way he looks at her, it’s not romantic. It’s more of a family/brother type thing. I don’t see Bethyl happening, but if it does then good for all the Bethylers(:

    Now on the Caryl part… I can see where you’re coming from and you’re right but like Norman said himself “He wants Daryl to have a slow burn type thing. He wants it to take time for him to get to that point.” I can say we Carylers are a lot closer, the whole flirting S4, and S3. Daryl cares about Carol, probably more then anyone else. She was the first person who liked him lol who made him realize he’s worth something, a man of honor.

    On S3 when Daryl thought Carol was gone, he was torn and broken down. He was pissed, sad and God that was heartbreaking! And then when Rick told him that Carol was gone… He was pissed and hurt and how she was the first person he asked about. They have feelings for each other and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. With Daryl being how he is, he probably doesn’t even know! Caryl would most likely happen before Bethyl, only because it has been building up more and more through out the seasons. Daryl being the man he is, he isn’t going to fall in love with a 18-19 year old after what? 3 episodes (two days?) it’s just a fairytale.

    I mean no hate toward anyone(: I just wanted to share my opinion loves. Caryl on and Bethyl on!


  13. darylxcarollove:

    Beautiful, smart, pretty, elegant woman.


  14. upper-ecchelon:


    Going to the Caryl tag and what do. Yep I see the same old haters posting their tired old bullshit.

    Everyone should just ignore the haters in the tag because they are just trolling and looking for attention.

    Also the fact that certain fans are calling canon over a lazy written character profile is very laughable. especially when the rest of the profiles have screw ups on them.

    I also think some fans need to look up what Canon actually means. A badly acted scene means zero lol..

    Right now AMC is using Caryl to promote the show to the mainstream audience. And from filming spoilers we know that Melissa has been filming from the very start and is still there.

    while a certain actress hasn’t been seen filming in 2 months. who right now seems to be trying to make her music career.

    All of this. Seriously, it’s just tacky. Don’t feed the trolls - they crave all the attention. I feel like they want us to get mad even tho we aren’t. We aren’t even bothered by this bs. Ignore them. Everything is so much better if you do! I know it’s difficult, but they’re trying to provoke us so we look as nasty as they are. Don’t stoop down to their level!


  15. sodamnzen:

    My Daryl and Carol drawings for my extended project.