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  1. Anonymous said: Yes every character has been through hell but she has had it the worst. She watched her mother die, her father get his head chopped off, both of her boyfriends died, she watched Patricia get torn apart and lost Otis too. She was separated from Maggie, her last family, and is now in a new cruel place. She's been through worse than most of the people on the show.



    don’t even test me

    every. single. person. has. been. through. hell

    no one has had it worse than anyone else

    well done, you made a list of bad things that happened to her, so what? you think she’s the only one who watched her father get his head chopped off? you think she’s the only one who’s had a loved one die? you think she’s the only one who was separated from family?

    what about carol? she lost her little girl, and found her as a walker in a barn, what about carl? he shot his own mother so she didn’t turn, what about rick? he’s lost his wife, and he thinks he’s lost his baby daughter, what about maggie? who also saw her father’s head chopped off, what about andrea? she had to put down her own sister, come through wanting to kill herself and she was separated from the group, and for a while had to fend for herself an not only that, but she ended up dying for trusting the wrong person? what about daryl? who lost his brother for 2 seasons and had to put down him down when they were reunited, what about michonne? who’s son died? what about tyreese? who fell in love and lost the person he loved, what about bob? who has watched others around him die over and over again

    every character has had SO many bad things happen to them, no one, and i repeat, no one, has had it the worst

    "every character has had SO many bad things happen to them, no one, and i repeat, no one, has had it the worst"

    That’s such an important point to remember.


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    the heads are touching guyyyzzzz

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    Norman in today on set. (

    Alisha Busby added on her Facebook:

    He’s such an awesome guy! He told Kenzie to come over to the fence and then had a conversation with her about the dogs that were on set.


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    Rick: “We’ll keep them safe. You’re not that woman who was too scared to be alone. Not anymore. You’re gonna start over. Find others. People who don’t know. And you’re gonna survive out here. You will.”

    Carol: “Maybe.”

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  5. Where do you think Daryl is, like, right when we find him again at the start of season five? What do you think his mindset is? [x]

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    The show is called The Walking Dead. Rick is the leader. He runs the show.

    This is NOT the Carol show featuring the rest of the cast.

    I’ve never seen anyone claiming that it’s ‘The AMC’S Carol Show’, and even if they did, why does that matter to you? Something you need…

    Not surprising that this is from a Caryler who loves Carol.

    Don’t lie. Everywhere it’s “If Carol doesn’t get with Daryl…..If Carol dies…..If Melissa McBride leaves the show I’m done watching” Many act as if she’s the sole savior of the show. Besides why does it matter to YOU if I have this opinion? I just think many people like to give more credit to Carol than she deserves. Especially when there are several other important characters on the show.

    And don’t take things so seriously. I watch for ALL the characters. I love ALL characters regardless of who I ship.

    "People like to give more credit to Carol than she deserves"

    "There are several other important characters on the show"

    That is all YOUR opinion. That does not make it true. It also does not mean that you are allowed to push these opinions on to other people, or try to tell others that disagree with you that what they think is wrong. It’s not surprising to me at all that these comments come from a B*thyler who dislikes Carol. I’m a Caryler, and I don’t dislike Beth. I’m actually excited to see her story in s5 because it might develop her character more. Do I think that Beth is the most important character on the show? No. Do I share that opinion around in a negative way? No, I don’t share it all because I’m respectful of what other people like and dislike.

    I, along with many other fans of Carol, watch the show for ALL the characters too. I’m not taking the show too seriously. I’m taking your comment about Carol being a less important character than the male lead seriously. You don’t have to like Carol, but saying that a female character is significantly less important than a male character just because you don’t like her isn’t okay.

    Try to have some respect for other people and what they like, it’s really not that hard. It’s okay if we don’t all like the same things, just don’t be negative or rude about it.


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    The show is called The Walking Dead. Rick is the leader. He runs the show.

    This is NOT the Carol show featuring the rest of the cast.

    I’ve never seen anyone claiming that it’s ‘The AMC’S Carol Show’, and even if they did, why does that matter to you? Something you need…


  8. Remember when some people said that Daryl “accepted” Rick’s decision to banish Carol



    And that that was the end of that storyline?

    Norman Reedus:  “The way that we shot that and the way that we directed that, it was left very open-ended. I like the way we didn’t wrap up that storyline with a nice bow yet.”


    Spoilery, speculative speculation behind the 

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    Daryl’s puppy face (͏ ͒ • ꈊ • ͒)

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    I’m so in love I am crying actual tears

    carol is perfect

    There’s a moment there, like, she doesn’t want to smile too much at him because she doesn’t want to encourage his attention (esp. given his prior “you’re *not* a lesbian? Now, that *is* interesting” comment and how she shut him down) but then she turns her back she lets it out - “Hell yeah I am.” 

    Melissa’s face/reactions = master class.

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  12. Anonymous said: I am very worried about Norman saying neither about Carol being like his mom or his love interest. Do you think that means Caryl is over? I am sure the other ship won't happen but maybe Caryl won't either if she's not a love interest You always make me feel better and give me hope for us. Can you try and pull me back now? Thanks


    Dear Anonymous Caryler,

    Thank you for trusting me with your CARYL feels and I really hope I can try and make you feel better about our future especially because I have more confidence in our ship today than I probably ever did before.
    There are no guarantees of course and CARYL is not inevitable or a sure thing for Season 5 BUT I truly believe that even after the SDCC 2014 madness our odds are more than just good….they are pretty damn excellent.

    The quote by Norman Reedus that you are worried about is this one I presume;

    Question: “Does Daryl see Carol as a Love Interest or a Mother Figure”
    Norman Reedus: “Neither! I don’t know if it’s going to go one way or the other but definitively not the mother one, you know what I mean…you know what I am saying…she would kill whoever wrote that…Umm yeah…I think it’s deeper than that..you know I don’t want to play this dude like he’s got game or anything…the moments in between are more important…I think it’s much more intimate relationship not being one of those two things”

    Since we are all so emotionally invested in this ship and the characters themselves, questions and answers like this are bound to put us on high alert and high speculation mode almost immediately.
    Right away everything about this kind of inquiry is analyzed, dissected and viewed from all angles, which depending on your personality and outlook can be a great thing or quite disappointing. I’ve seen reactions of doom & gloom of course BUT I’ve also seen some very positive interpretations of Norman’s words as well.

    Personally I took the statement for what it was, complete with acute awareness of how direct the question was, what the question implied and where the question was asked. Overall my conclusion was one of cautious optimism and slight ambiguity BUT only because the question was asked at a very PR focused event, the SDCC 2014, and because it touched upon an important story-line that wouldn’t be revealed so easily.

    Norman’s answer to the nature of Daryl and Carol’s relationship was not unlike a lot of the other responses he’s given in the past AND it certainly wasn’t a YES or NO when it comes to romantic implications.

    Daryl’s love life is a highly popular topic and one debated very often which makes it an important part of TWD story and one that will never be given away before it actually happens. What that means is that Norman could never confirm if Carol or anyone else is Daryl’s LOVE INTEREST which is why the question was addressed per usual - a recycled version of his “deep connection, no game, complex, I don’t know” repertoire.
    He didn’t shut down the “romantic option” because he isn’t able to conform or deny CARYL - his answer once again left all the possibilities out on the table!

    Since filming spoilers and the trailer indicate that Carol and Daryl are spending a lot of time together and there are strong possibilities of them being “alone” a lot as well IF CARYL was indeed happening Norman would be even less inclined to give a nod to Carol being a “love interest” at all AND especially at a PR heavy event designed to generate hype and interest into upcoming seasons.

    Another significant reason why alluding to CARYL being canon needed avoiding is simply because Carol’s individual story is not yet complete. Carol is still not back with the prison group and she certainly hasn’t resolved the issues with Daryl’s “brother” Rick - Carol and Daryl together would imply resolutions we are not suppose to be aware of just yet.

    A part of the quote that needs highlighting and celebrating really is Norman concretely shutting down the “mother figure” aspect of the Carol and Daryl bond AND he doing it in a way that clearly showed that both HIM and MELISSA are almost offended by that implication.

    Next time somebody tries to argue (and we know someone will) that Carol and Daryl can’t ever be together because HE looks at HER as a “MOTHER” we now have direct denial of that interpretation by both parties. That part of Normans answer wasn’t ambiguous, wasn’t pandering to ships and certainly wasn’t left open it interpretation - Daryl doesn’t know Carol as a “love interest” BUT he certainly knows for sure that neither HE or CAROL see their connection as parental in any way.

    For me the best part of the whole situation was the clear indication that fans are still questioning and wanting more of CARYL, even after almost an entire season of Carol and Daryl being separated from each other and that the “romantic possibility” of their union continues to be a hot topic with TWD audience. The audience continues to be keenly aware of the strength of their bond and it’s something people still want, talk about or feel threatened by.

    Overall I believe that this particular Norman Reedus moment was a positive one for CARYL even though he didn’t give it a green light, he also didn’t halt the possibility of it happening either BUT at least now we can put the whole “mother argument” to rest pretty easily.

    Season 5 at the very least will give us a lot more CARYL scenes to swoon over, right?

    So cheer up Carylers and CARYL On happily as usual




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    MJ Kim/Getty Images for Samsung [Comic Con San Diego] [more]

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  15. At the end he said, “I forgive you, I don’t forget,” but there is an incredible…

    I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. And you know, I did get it. That’s the post-apocalyptic world. Decisions are tough, it’s pain-staking, it’s torturous, you know, but you gotta learn to live with some of these things. And if I don’t forgive, then, and I destroyed her, then that’s another shot of not being able to start again, or build community. Trying to start over.

    She’s a valuable human being, so I would hope that his emotions…you know, it’s one of those things, you can’t let your emotions get the best of you.

    Because I don’t know if people…if they didn’t see it…but I certainly felt her pain, you know? It wasn’t like, just easy, walk in the park, or she was just trying to be violent, or you know, trying to be egotistical…she really wanted what was best for the community.


    But so, having gone through that experience [deciding to kill Lizzie] together, I was always able to see her humanity all along the way when we finally got back together. So I think that was the thing that allowed me to forgive her. To hold on, to not let the rage take me.


    Chad Coleman, on Tyreese’s relationship with Carol. (x)

    He will defend her to the group if necessary.  He understands that she did what she did out of concern and love.

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